08 Juli 2009

New Design clothes for Women

Design clothes become more humorous and more eksentrik. Improvisation between motifs with the exposed of the ethnic feel, a style to the front will appear. Three other trends will also brisk feel of the modein 2009-2010. This trend is artful volume urbanism that will have a design that’s both surprising scale or volume. In addition, the styles are more sporty and sartorial elegance (the design that looks truly luxurious and exclusive).

However, in the styles, the social situation is also influenced. For example, trends in the more sporty will brings army uniform in the parade with the merger unsure musketeer (ancient knight). Bohemia on the trends, which can also be seen later on the elements of ‘wild’ and not expressions.

Trends in the artful volume urbanism, there will be a material that is easily formed. Materials that have made this figured with the texture detail chiselled. Here, the designers and innovators, the more weight on the original arts

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